Midreshet Avigayil

NOTE: Midreshet Avigayil is now accepting applications for August 2017! Apply here.

Self-motivated learners will find their home at Midreshet Avigayil, the highest-level full-time Talmud program for high school girls. In two intense and inspiring weeks, our students dramatically improve their ability to learn gemara independently. Students master new methods of learning while studying a classic sugya in a rigorous environment with CMTL Dean Rabbi Aryeh Klapper and assorted guest lecturers. Our students continue their connection with each other throughout the year through Midreshet Avigayil Online, a free monthly online series of shiurim.

Where is it? Midreshet Avigayil is hosted by Young Israel of Sharon in Sharon, MA. Students are housed in the Sharon community.

When is it? August 13-24, 2017.

Who should apply? Strong, self-motivated female high schoolers with demonstrated dedication to Torah study and facility reading both Hebrew and Aramaic.

Who supervises the program? Davida Kollmar supervises activities and meals.

What do we learn? Each summer, we explore a long sugya in depth with the traditional sources. To view some of our work from 2015, click here or here or here. Our students prepare and publish written summaries each week, as well as a video showcasing their new skills and knowledge at the end.

Schedule: A typical day at Midreshet Avigayil looks something like the following:

8:30-9:30 - davening and breakfast.

9:30-11:30 - seder

11:30-12:00 - free time (girls will go on a walk, play catch, etc.)

12:00-1:00 - lunch and discussion with Rabbi Klapper or guest lecturer

1:00-3:00 - shiur with Rabbi Klapper

3:00-5:00 - activity/afternoon seder/guest lecture

5:00-6:30 - dinner

6:30-9:00 - night seder

Friday is a half day, followed by a Shabbaton in a local community.

Cost: $1200. We are committed to ensuring that economic circumstances do not deter students, so please contact us if the tuition is an issue for you.

For more information: Check us out on Facebook or contact us at midreshetavigayil@gmail.com or 781-369-1872.

Testimonials: "At Midreshet Avigayil, I got to learn gemara with girls who are just like me, girls who love to learn and care about Judaism with a passion. Along with our rigorous gemara seder that we had every day, we also had time to learn whatever we wanted: Jewish philosophy, halacha, Tanach, mishna. It's rare to find a program for girls that's on such a high level and I'm really happy I had the opportunity to learn with such great teachers. Even though I've learned gemara in the past, over the summer I fell in love with gemara all over again. I'm so thankful I had this opportunity because it reminded me how much I love learning and how much I have left to learn." -- Rivital Singer, Midreshet Avigayil 2015

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Morning Seder:

Guest Speakers:

(with Morah Deborah Klapper)

(with Davida Kollmar)


(at Brown University)

(at Providence River Park)

Night Seder: