Mission Statement

The Center for Modern Torah Leadership sees the moral and intellectual challenges of modernity as religious opportunities. To seize these opportunities, the Center 

a) brings rigorous traditional scholarship, interdisciplinary openness, and a deeply humanist understanding of halakhah to every aspect of Jewish and public life;

b) nurtures male and female Torah scholars who are brilliant and idealistic, and disseminates their ideas

c) develops and inspires strategic thinkers and reflective communities who understand that Torah conversations are the engine of Jewish progress, and who take responsibility for the real-world consequences of their Torah conversations

d) educates toward the necessity of courage and integrity in all aspects of Torah learning and leadership

The Center attracts the best and brightest of Modern Orthodoxy through unique programs that catalyze intellectual creativity, educational innovation and personal transformation. Our aim is to make halakhah the shared spiritual language of the Jewish community, and to make Jewish discourse an essential contributor to the moral conversation of humanity.